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  • What are the available courses?

    For now, we have only 4 available courses. Church Media, Design Creatives, Church Web Design and Christian Blogging

  • How about other courses?

    As we progress, we will keep adding other courses to the available ones. You can write to us for interested courses.

  • What are the modalities for lectures?

    Lectures are done online twice a week through video conferencing. Google classroom will be our Learning Management Software (LMS).

  • What are the requirements for admission?

    You must be a born again believer. You must have necessary technological tools to enhance your study like laptop, desktop, smartphones, and data connection.

  • Can I switch class?

    Yes. There is an opportunity for you to switch classes in the first two weeks. Exception for Blogging and Web Design that can still switch classes during the first one month of lecture

  • What are online courses?

    Some online courses will be available for people for those who cannot join the 3 months scheduled programs

  • How can I access the online courses?

    Check the menu (top bar on a laptop) or click on the three lines on your smartphone header, you will see "Digital Courses". Click on it to go to the online courses page