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About the Program


The primary function of a blog is to communicate personal ideas or experiences to people. Over a 75million blogs are in the digital world with the sole aim of passing information to people.

As a digital evangelist or minister, like what Paul has stated in the Bible that we should always find common ground to preach the word of Christ; in taking the gospel to the digital world, a blog is a valuable tool.

This program will teach you the skills to design a successful blog but will teach you how to communicate with Jesus model with your audience.

Paul understands his call that Jesus called him for the Gentiles to receive salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. We will study the digital world and realize what we are called to do also.

The blogging program will include optimizing a Christian blog for search engines, monitoring analytics, interpreting analytics, and many more.

In this program, students will be taught in modules. There will be teacher-students’ online interactions, assignments, and project works.

Registration Fee

₦2,000 only

Tuition Fee

₦15,000 only

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